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Enhancement of Academic Programs Using Digital Technology

In fall 2012, the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost invited applications from University of Minnesota undergraduate degree-granting programs for financial support targeted at transformational enhancement of their curricula and pedagogy through the leveraging of existing or emerging digital technologies. Professor Christopher Cramer (Provost's Faculty Liaison for eLearning) gave leadership to the grant program. The process was extremely competitive with over thirty applications received covering a wide range of projects designed to enhance the undergraduate experience. A review committee provided their recommendations to the Provost who made the final decision.

2013 Award Recipients


Title, Department

Title of Proposal

Project Summary

Robert Dunbar

Associate Professor, UMR Center for Learning Innovation

Developing a Browser of Student and Course Objects (BoSCO) as an Easy to Use Learning Analytics Tool to Facilitate Effective and Efficient Course and Curriculum Design

Bring together an interdisciplinary group of faculty to identify a set of relevant research questions, indicators, and databases in order to develop and test a tool that would allow faculty to connect learning analytics with course design.

Kathleen Hansen

Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication

ePortfolio 2.0: Networked Learning in CLA

Add a dynamic social network driven electronic portfolio to the curriculum in the Journalism Bachelor of Arts program and Writing Studies / Technical Communication Bachelor of Science program.

John Hatcher

Assistant Professor, UMD Writing Studies

Proposal for the Transformation of into a Year-round Community Media Hub

Transform the UMD student created community news site ( into a year-round publication as a form of civic engagement that partners UMD students with community organizations.

Brad Hokanson

Professor, Design, Housing, and Apparel

SMOOCH - The Development of an Internal Targeted Massive Online Course in Creativity

Develop a MOOC-like course on creative problem solving that is offered to all entering University students for the summer prior to their freshman year.

Clarence Lehman

Research Associate, Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

Intelligent Media for Enhanced Academic Programs

Develop a series of online modules that use short branching videos to explain key concepts in the foundational courses offered by the department.

Monica Luciana

Department Chair & Associate Professor, Psychology

Development of an On-Line Minor in Health Psychology

Develop a fully online six-course minor program in Health Psychology (funding will also be leveraged from other sources)

Rebecca A. Montgomery

Associate Professor, Forest Resources

Digital Technologies to Improve Experiential Learning in the Forest and Natural Resource Management Undergraduate Program

Conduct systematic curriculum mapping to identify where digital technologies can improve outcomes; redevelop at least four high-impact courses for digital teaching methods; and adapt/develop tools, capacity and faculty culture to integrate digital technologies across the major.

Chris Paola

Professor, Earth Sciences

Enhancement of Academic Programs Using Digital Technology in the Earth Sciences

Reformat two core courses to a blended design where content is delivered via video segments and in-class time is devoted to active learning. Use "dynamic digital notebooks" as a teaching tool.

Mary Rowan

Director and Professor, Nursing

Developing Effective Curricula with Digital Technologies for the Healthy Communities Innovations Center

Use and integrate health care and video-capture technologies, point-of-care mobile technologies, and telehealth technologies in four core courses spanning the sophomore, junior, and senior years.


Original Call for Proposals


Over two hundred University faculty and staff gathered online and in person to learn about resources available to assist instructors and programs in the development of online or digitally enhanced coursework and curricula. In addition to introducing the offices and personnel dedicated to U-wide digital efforts, specific examples of success stories highlighted the nature of a team-driven development process.

View the archived recording, resources and agenda from the event.

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