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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Parent Education

The parent education certificate program is designed to prepare professionals to plan, coordinate, and teach parent education programs and services for families with children from early childhood through adolescence.

The 16-credit program prepares professionals who are well-qualified to deliver programs designed to address the intellectual, emotional, cultural, social, and physical needs of parents and children. In addition to educational settings that may include public school parent education programs, preschools, child care centers, and Head Start programs, parent educators may also work in health care and social service agencies and institutions, and faith-based settings.

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Financial aid is available for eligible students. Students must fill out the FAFSA form in order to apply for financial aid. Use code 003969 when applying for financial aid for this program.

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The parent education certificate is a 16-credit program, and requires six additional pre-requisite credits. The following is an outline of the program requirements:

Program pre-requisite:
  Child Development (Minimum of 6 credits, focused on
  normative development, birth to age five)

Parent Education Certificate Program (16 credits)
  FSOS 5932 Introduction to Parent Education (1 credit)
  FSOS 5937 Parent-Child Interaction (3 credits)
  FSOS 5942 Everyday Experiences of Families (2 credits)
  FSOS 5943 Parent Learning and Development: Implications
  for Parent Education (2 credits)
  FSOS 5944 Parent Education Curriculum (2 credits)
  FSOS 5945 Teaching and Learning in Parent Education (2 credits)
  FSOS 5946 Assessment and Evaluation in Parent Education
  (2 credits)
  FSOS 5949 Student Teaching in Parent Education (2 credits)

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